Rent terms and conditions

When selecting an apartment, please clarify the maximum number of additional guests that can be accommodated in the apartment of Your choice.

Please note that each apartment has a maximum capacity of one extra bed and one baby cot.

For children under one year old who will be using existing beds, no additional charges will be applied. However, for children who require an extra bed or sofa, a fee of EUR 15 per night will be charged.

Extra beds and baby cots are available upon request, and confirmation from STORIES apartments is required to ensure that this service can be provided.

STORIES apartments offers the possibility of accommodating pets, provided that the guest agrees to comply with the hotel’s pet policies and informs the hotel of the pet’s arrival in advance.

Check-in time is from 3:00 PM, and check-out time is until 12:00 PM local time.


General Rules

If a guest fails to check in and does not contact the hotel within 24 hours to confirm the reservation, the hotel automatically cancels the reservation. In case of a no-show, the full cost of the order is charged.

When changing the stay dates, the guest receives confirmation of the modified reservation. Changing the check-in date is possible no later than the date specified by the reservation cancellation rules. The modified reservation cannot be canceled or transferred again.

To cancel your reservation, you can contact us by phone at +37127997740. However, in any case, you must send us a message on confirming your intention to cancel the reservation. Then our employee responsible for your reservation must confirm the cancellation to you in writing.

Period from January 1, 2024, to May 31, 2024

If a guest cancels the order no later than 5 days before the planned check-in date, the payment is refunded.

Payment for the “Month+” rate, cancellation terms, and refund procedures are carried out according to the rules specified in the voucher confirming the reservation.

Period from June 1, 2024, to August 31, 2024

During the period from June 1 to September 1, 2024, it is necessary to make a 100% pre-payment for the accommodation. In case of cancellation of apartment reservation no later than 14 days before the planned check-in date, the amount is refunded.

Reservations for more than 10 days — cancellation and refund terms are carried out according to the rules specified in the voucher confirming the reservation.